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  1. Star Wars Tales Show
  2. Crossover...
  3. The Art of the Impossible
  4. A little IC/OOC Madness
  5. Sam Sig: Deleted in the wipe. Can't let this go!!!
  6. EPICS Captioning Game
  7. Another one lost in the wipe: Traven's Sig!
  8. A Corellian Tale (invite only)
  9. Showdown on Umgul (A Parody)
  10. Infernal Journey... (invite only)
  11. Imagine..
  12. Chat time
  13. The Epics Scrapbook
  14. Gossip from Coruscant
  15. The New Krath Empire
  16. When fandoms collide a Star Wars/Stargate SG-1 crossover
  17. Oh. My. God.
  18. My apologies
  19. Kix waiting (be)for New Order(s)
  20. Will you recognize...
  21. Jerry Springer- Epics Style.
  22. QMNMD Pour Val'kia & Daiman
  23. Sands of Gold
  24. Star Wars and Hitchiker's Guide Collide
  25. Chaotic Blue: A Sonic the Hedgehog/ Star wars X-over (Open)
  26. Imperial officers off duty
  27. I never particularly liked the Jedi...
  28. Deadworld: Tales of Survival Horror (Open to All)
  29. Ignore the politics
  30. The Mac-trix
  31. The Turtle Moves Through a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
  32. Corporate Creepy
  33. City Of The Dead
  34. Taverna at the end of the Galaxy (open)
  35. Old Flames Still Burn
  36. The Superhuman Wars Book 1: The New War
  37. When Darkness Falls (Invite Only)
  38. Chaos on High or How I learned to stop worrying and love the death star (open)
  39. The Da Vader Code
  40. Alternate Incarnations
  41. Of Star Destroyers and Battlestars - A SW/BSG Crossover
  42. Adventures of the Ominous
  43. Revenge at a Price- A Tale of Simus Vibrose
  44. Fractal
  45. A Meeting of Minds (AU Epics, closed)
  46. Dreamers
  47. The Epic of the Gift Baskets
  48. All major Sci-Fi Genre Space Battle (Open)
  49. Epic Space Opera!
  50. Episode 6.Something--Take: Whatever...
  51. LOLEpics
  52. Urban Dead RP
  53. Smokin' Corras
  54. After Action
  55. The United Federation of Empire: a Star Trek Crossover (Open)
  56. Epics Infinities
  57. Powers: An Epic Supers' Tale
  58. Epics of our lives
  59. War of the Ring - Lord of the Rings Epics
  60. Planet of the Living Dead
  61. STAR WARS INFINITIES: Revenge of the Time Lords
  62. Star Wars: Lost Souls
  63. Strutting Epics
  64. Math simply dances to Bakura
  65. Sebrix-9
  66. Flash Memory
  67. Assesment
  68. Redemption of Empire
  69. Kromas Zone 5