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Name: Rel Fexive.
Known Aliases: Reliable; Stick.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Homeworld: Prospero (Mid Rim Region).
Epic Time Frame: Present Day.
Threads: Means of Escape.

Age: 32.
Height: 1.80m
Build: Athletic.
Hair: Brown, kept short on the sides but otherwise unruly.
Eyes: Light brown.
Appearance: Eyes in habitual squint. Typically in need of a shave.
Attire: Military surplus fatigues and gear appropriate to the terrain, or dark blue otherwise; off-white field cap.

Attitude: A casual, bantering nature covers an annoying noble streak that often conflicts with his look-after-number-one mindset.
Assets: Damn good shot with a rifle; high endurance.
Complications: Often gets in over his head helping people without thinking first; inappropriate humour.

Occupation: Guide- and scout-for-hire.
Skillset: Wilderness skills; long-range shooting; zero-g operations; ship salvage.
Weapon Preferences: Long-ranged rifles of all kinds.

Marital Status: Single.
Family Status: No family that he wants anything to do with.
Medical Status: Old blaster wound in small of back that sometimes plays up.

Transportation: A Sienar Fleet Systems LSA-2 Lone Scout that has been better days. Usually referred to as 'that frelling rustbucket'.

Personal History: Rel grew up the youngest son of an important corporate family on the world of Prospero, a world run by a council of corporate CEOs. He turned out to be the white sheep of the family; where everyone else was a staunch supporter of the Empire and it's policies (especially where they increased profits), Rel was a rebel through and through. Round about the same time that the Death Star was completed he signed up with the rebel resistance cell in the capital city, Goldmark, though at the time it was little more than a club for disaffected youths.

With the destruction of Alderaan and the Battle Of Yavin, however, things got more serious. The group got organised by an outsider and made a few strikes at Imperial holdings and supporters. They were never a particularly great threat, though. Rel was forced to go into hiding when his family finally found out what he had been up to... and they were very upset when the cell was financed for a few months afterwards by the works of art he stole on the way out.

A year after Endor, Rel, quite frankly, got bored, and left his homeworld to "travel the galaxy". He hitched and worked his way from world to world for two years before signing up with Avaj Developments Incorporated, a corporation that looked for, surveyed, investigated and exploited new worlds for their resources, the last according to strict guidelines dating back to the Old Republic. He received training as a frontier scout, and was soon discovering strange new worlds out on the Rim that no one had ever seen before. He even led two first encounter expeditions. Avaj also worked salvage operations, investigating and reclaiming damaged space vessels.

But there was a dark side to the corporation. Avaj was always hungry for profit, and some worlds got chewed up and spat out by it's aggressive mining subsidiaries. Even worse, on some worlds the primitive natives, who were known only to the corporation as their discovery was kept quiet, were used as slave labour. Employees who were found to have 'delicate consciences' were assigned missions far away from such worlds. People whose morals were more easily redirected by money simply turned a blind eye and even lied before official hearings.

People like Rel.

But while the money was good, he could only tell himself it was not his problem for so long. In his fourth year of employment, just when alcohol was losing it's ability to dull his conscience, he was approached (well, kidnapped) by members of a radical environmental group dedicated to revealing the full extent of Avaj's crimes to the galaxy. They forced him to help them use security codes to break into Avaj's headquarters on Serrgor, not knowing it was a trap arranged by the vice-president of the security division. Despite that, the group succeeded in revealing the true nature of the corporation's dealings in the Outer Rim, though not without serious losses, including their leader, who Rel had gotten very close to in the days leading up to the break-in.

Rel managed to get out of the spotlight of official attention before he ended up in jail and lost himself out in the galaxy again, this time selling his skills as a ship salvager, scout and expert in survival to pay his way. He decided to abandon crusades and heroics and look after number one instead, which meant getting rich quick. Easy riches seemed to be forever out of his reach, though, and after five years of struggling to keep hold of the money he earned he finally found himself all but stranded on Tatooine, with barely enough money to both repair his heavily damaged ship and pay the docking fees...


So... let me know what y'all think
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