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Re: The Epics-Star Wars Celebration Europe-reporter
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Default Re: The Epics-Star Wars Celebration Europe-reporter

Han is around and can be contacted through me at any time. He's upstairs screwing around right now. But he used to post at work and since he now works for a school system, everything is blocked, including vBulletin (which we're built on). It's hard for me too, for the same reason (laid off, half a year to get a real job). I used to post at work too; it's the only way I know how to post. And now there's no story Sam can be realistically involved in.

But anyway, we have mods. And the mods have certain privileges. Including going to the control panel and deleting spammers, and their posts. And yet it falls to Corran and myself to do it, every time. *shrug*
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