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Default Re: The Tatooine Redemption

Pre race party

Aria took the glass she was offered and gracefully maneuvered through the crowd. She wasn't sure how to let go of Captain Dunn's arm or if she should. She sipped her champagne as he moved them towards Governor Maison Rourke.

This type of socializing annoyed her. This was why she hated that young diplomats program on Chandrila and why she detested the Diplomatic Corp of the military. When they finally reached Governor Rourke, her cheeks hurt from the fake smile plastered on her face.

She would have distracted herself observing him but he wasn't interesting enough. He was a typical older man, who had been allowed the delusion of power. He wore that delusion well.

"Commander Byron Duval, Colonel Aria Drake, and Captain Traven Dunn."

The Governor's assistant announced them as they stepped forward. Hands were shook, Rourke kissed her hand and pleasantries were exchanged. Then the three men began talking about the race. Of course they're interested, they're pilots. Hoping the conversation would last long enough, Aria slipped into agent mode.

It wasn't exactly an interrogation room but this party would have to do. She moved away from them and spotted a waiter carrying a tray of champaign. She nodded at him and held up her glass. Luckily, he wasn't just a waiter. The Admiral had allowed her to place other ISB agents at the party. Since most of them had never been undercover before so it was a good experience for them.

"Did you find anything?" She asked, placing the empty glass on the tray.

"Everyone is clean so far." He answered.

"Keep looking."

She took another glass and walked back to where the Governor was standing, still talking to Byron and Traven.

"Ah, here she is." Governor Rourke offered Aria his arm. "We were just about to go down to the start line. None of us wanted to leave such a beautiful woman behind."

She groaned inwardly. Keeping her smile plastered on her face, she took his arm. "Lead the way Governor Rourke."

"Call me Maison."

She nodded but said nothing. As they descended down a long flight of stairs toward the track, Aria looked behind them. Captain Dunn and Commander Duval were following and behind them a few other guests, some of them her agents, had also followed. Maison, chatted the whole way down the stairs, Aria ignored him for the most part. She just simply nodded in a few spots in his conversation.

When they finally reached the track she released his arm. The pilots and their racers were really quite fascinating. Each pilot seemed to have a mechanic with them, tweaking and adjusting everything. It was amazing that these things actually flew.

They race in scraps of metal, perhaps we should be recruiting these pilots.

She'd lost sight of Commander Duval and Captain Dunn. As she decided to go look for them a familiar sound filled the arena. A squadron of TIE fighters had flown in. And they were very impressive. The arial acrobatics were nothing short of amazing. Aria felt a mixture of pride and jealousy as she watched.

Unfortunately she wasn't paying attention and as the TIEs left the arena, she turned around to walk back to the Governor's party, she ran right into Captain Dunn. Somehow his arm was around her waist, her hands on his chest.

"Oh..." She paused, blushing as her eyes met his. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there."

"Camouflage training, Carida first year. I was the best of the class."


"I'll have to remember that, Captain." She hid her confusion by giving him a smile. Slowly, she began to move away from him. Her hands slid down the lapels of his suit.

He said nothing else but didn't let her go right away, his hand lingered on her back. Her eyes were still locked on his and for just a moment, she felt as if they were the only two people on the planet. Then his hand slid off her back and she turned away from him.

What the hell just happened?

"We should be getting back up to my party." Maison's voice broke through her thoughts, he stood next to her, holding out his arm. She nodded and took his arm.

She took a few steps then turned her head to look behind her at Traven. To her surprise he was watching her. He smiled. She also noticed that Commander Duval was staring at her too. She blushed.

She turned to the Governor. "Governor Rourke..."

"Please, call me Maison."

"Maison." That fake smile returned. "Would you please excuse me?"

Aria removed her hand from his arm. "Of course, Colonel Drake."

"Please call me Aria."

His smile grew larger. "Of course Aria."

She turned and quickly made her way up the stairs to the party suite.
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