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Funny how quickly the temperature outside not only climbed once the surface of the planet came under the twin suns, but how it created a domino effect not only to the ship, but to Marina.
She actually awakened to the change in tempered air her ship’s support system was supplying her cabin with. The change from heating to cooling mode was quite noticeable enough to bring Marina out of her sleep.

She lay there a moment with closed eyes trying to reclaim that path she inadvertently took in her dream that triggered her to awaken. Remnants of her good dream was fading fast, much like mist under dawn’s early light. It could not be salvaged, no matter the effort. Even to only to hold fast to a few conscious moments following a continuum, was to no avail. It wasn’t the same as free dreaming. Fantasizing only worked for a moment or two before the original dream dissipated altogether and along with those felt emotions.
She let out a sigh and finally opened her eyes, before straightening up to look over to the crono. She hadn’t set it as it rarely ever needed to be. Marina was naturally an early riser, one set to an internal clock so to say. Somehow or other, no matter the system she happened to be in, dawn was always the trigger for her to awaken.
As she let go of the surrealism her imagination had tried to hold on to from a dream now lost, the day’s events started to tally.
The race. The payment of her cargo and to follow was the exit off of this desert world. But no exiting until she got her credits for the cargo. And most likely it meant sometimes late into Tatooine’s infernal day. That is, after all the race bets were settled and the credits then released by the Hutts, as it had been explained to her.

The water cascading down her features was the start of readying for the day…a very hot day.
This meant using not only UV protection but a moisturizing compound so as not to dry out like a raisin in the sun.
But that soon proved a little bit more difficult than she normally would encounter, as she normally and religiously always took care of her skin. It was not due to the lack of moisturizers, as there were plenty of different varieties right there in front of her, no.
“Shoot!” She uttered, going through them all. “Really?”

There wasn’t one in the bunch that she was looking for. Even checking her reserve in the ship’s stores, proved futile. Not one non-tropical scented moisturizer in the bunch. All her UV moisturizers were pretty much geared up for warm beach resorts on water worlds.
All were scented in one manner or another in a variety suited specially for sunning on the many tropical worlds… worlds with beaches or water oasis.
No denying she was an off-worlder…a way, way off-worlder here on dusty arid Tatooine.
“Oh, that’s just great…” Marina sighed, as she settled for one of the UV block moisturizers with something of a nutty sweet scent (like that of tropical coconut oil). No way was she going to step out under the twin suns of Tatooine without skin protection.

The hermetic doors of the Mariner-IV opened and the hot Tatooine air was the second thing to hit her. First was the brightness of the morning itself, prompting Marina to done on her dark eyewear, which she had at the ready. Yes, she was prepared as best she reasoned. After all, she had done her research on this dust bowl of a planet.
It didn’t take but a moment walking out of the space dock to take in the early morning hustle and bustle. Marina had put her ship down under Tatooine’s cover of darkness. What a big difference in the active population this morning as compared to last night’s. Marina had come to find herself in the middle of the marketplace. Looking down the avenue left, then right; it was strangely busy for early morning and getting fuller by the moment. Seemed the locals got out early in hitting up the marketplace. And good reason too, as she stood there observing her surroundings the ambient temp was steadily rising. It didn’t take long for Marina to also realize she had to either get moving or get bumped into, as standing in the mainstream of a busy marketplace wasn’t something anyone did…at least not on Tatooine.
Spotting one of the race posters nearby, she headed toward it. It was at least one place to head too instead of looking out of place just standing there, she figured…

“Huh?...say what?” She turned to the proprietor who was calling her attention. The poster was hanging on the side of his ware stand. He had picked up what appeared to be one of the earthen wares and gesturing for her to purchase it in a dialogue she had never heard of before.
Marina looked over it a moment, then the man.
“Huh?...what are you saying?” She asked, in basic.

The man broke into a smile and nodded happily.
“ Yu kore gurl.” He then answered.

At first, Marina didn’t pick up the slang, but he was also speaking now in best basic he could.

“Yu frum kore wold…. Yu lyke drik meed?” He kept offering the earth ware to her.
It took but a moment for her to realize what he must have been trying to say to her.

“M...meed?...” she then said, nosing closer to the jar like pot.
“What’s that?...”

“Dis gud…yu lyke. Yu lyke..” he tried enticing her to take the ware.

“It’s, uhm… a pretty – pot.
I’m sure it’s made well. But I don’t understand what meed is.”
Marina was now gesturing a sort of no-thank-you with her hands.

"Yu trai… sveet… yu drik…drik…” he persisted, as he made the motion that its contents were good to drink.

“He’s selling mead, Miss..” Came a voice from her side.

Marina turned for the voice was quite human. It was a man. One not at all sporting local attire. Another off-worlder like herself, she quickly surmised.
“Meade… honey wine?” She had to ask. Like, what was such a think even able to exist here, let alone be available on a desert world.

“Yes, it’s quite good really. Not at all concocted as some of the toxins pouring out of the local cantinas .” The stranger replied, as he walked around Marina presenting the merchant with what looked like local credits.
“Chimbu-ka” He said holding up 4 fingers.
The merchant happily took the credits and picked up another 3 jars from the stand giving them to the man. It most certainly looked like the man liked his mead.

“I’m curious…” Marina just had to know.
“How does honey… or mead come to exist in a world like this?”
The man broke out into an amusing laugh, maneuvering the 4 jars he was now committed to lug back to wherever. “This is Tatooine… anything that can be shipped, can be bought or sold here at a price.”

“Can’t argue that...
Say, could you tell me when it would be a good time to hit the stands? I’d hate to overcook out here waiting for the races.”
She then said.

The man’s smile momentarily dulled as his eyes seemed to pick up something in the morning crowd. “You could tag awhile with me, I’m heading toward the pits.” He made a gesture as to why he bought the meade.

“You’re inviting me to come drink with you?...this time of the day?” She chuckled, shaking her head.

“No, Miss-….. “ The man cued for Marina to give him her name.
Cute, but Marina wasn’t about to fill in the blank; at least, not yet.
“I’m inviting you to a first hand viewing of the pod races, where the excitement first begins… the pit area.
“ The meade, by the way, is for the victory celebration, after we win the race.” He corrected her.

“You’re in the race then?” She replied with newfound interest, not quite picking up on what had distracted the man.
Yes, she would certainly be interested in being in the front lines, so to speak. The pits were just as exciting as the race itself. There, she knew all up to the minute engine statistics of the particular pod were live fed. She would be right there in the midst of excitement, instead of just another spectator in the crowded stands.

“Here…” he then offered her two of the jars. “…take these and follow me.”

“Excuse me?” Marina replied, as to what made this guy think she was just going to do or go with him.

“Look, just do yourself a favor; take hold of these two and look like you’re out here buying something.
Otherwise you just might get stopped and questioned as to what you’re doing out here wandering around…you especially, being a fresh faced and nicely scented off-worlder..” His eyes cued Marina to the small detachment making their way around the market. Imperial troopers.
The group were slowly making their way around, looking over both merchants and shoppers…stopping anyone that was a bit out of place. And Marina was certainly dressed out of place and certainly not one from the Outer Rim.

“I’ve got nothing to hide. Why wouldn’t I be here like a lot of other off-worlders for the races?” She reasoned with him.

“Ok, sure bet, you tell them that when they come around. That is, if you won’t mind missing the race altogether going through a long session of questions, should they decide to take some interest in you. “ He continued, still offering for her to take the jars.
“Look, just take these and at least walk away till out of their scope.

“I already went through that getting across the blockade. Why would they want to question me again?” She answered, but this time reaching to take the two jars from him. Somehow she had a feeling this man was right.

“Totchi…totchi..” He then thanked the merchant as he took to lead.
“The blockade is charged under the Imperial Navy. These ground troops are under the governing taskforce. Tatooine is under Marshall Law if you weren’t aware. Which should lead one to conclude that the only reason a pod race would be allowed by the Empire would be for the opportunity to question all off-worlders that support the New Republic.” He spoke as he casually walked away from where they had met.

“Really?...and what would give them the idea that I wasn’t a supporter of the Empire?” She too, spoke in a casual manner.

“Well, for starters…you did just avoid them…” he replied with a smuck, before he came to a stop. They were in the clear now and he motioned that he could take the jars again. But Marina held on to them.

“Right…" her eyes did a small roll. He caught her.
"So your offer still stands?” she then asked.

“The pod pits?...of course.” He replied, reveling a smile.

What was there to lose? She was out here to catch the pod races while waiting for the credits owed her to be cleared. It was either alone and out of her element in the stands, or closer to the excitement in the pit area….and away from curious Imperial troopers.
Oh, how her skin could crawl when they were around.

“Marina…” She accepted his invite with a smile, finally giving him her name.
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