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M. E. Thayer
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Matheron Thayer
Mother of Soldiers
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Default M. E. Thayer

Name: Matheron Edvaard Thayer
Father: Leonhard Raoul Thayer, consiliarius (barrister) for the Old Republic
Mother: Marissa Tatyana Nicolaiev, daughter to Baron Nicolaiev (business magnate)
Species: human
Born: 32 BBY, Coronet (Corellia)
Current age: 48

Height: 1m87
Weight: 84 kg
Hair: brown
Eyes: bluish
Marital: divorced (Catharin Elsabeth Thayer), one son (Gavin Valintyn Thayer)
Medical: undisclosed (PTSD)

26 – 14 [BBY] school, Matura (graduate)
14 – 10 [BBY] university, Coronet. studies and degree in political science

Corellian Defence Force (CDF)
10 – 08 [BBY] military training (24 months, enlistment as officer due to academic background.)

Corellian Security Force (CorSec)
08 – 05 [BBY] sergeant
05 – 03 [BBY] lieutenant
03 – 00 [BBY] captain
00 – 05 [ABY] commander (Diktat dissolves CorSec)

Corellian Defence Force (CDF) (Mon Mothma’s period of office)
05 – 09 [ABY] communication, major
09 – 11 [ABY] (Thrawn campaign: undercover for the New Republic)

NR Council on Security and Intelligence (Leia Organa Solo’s period of office)
11 – 15 [ABY] Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Before you belong to whom you wish identify with,
you must pass a test of courage.

Times it is smashing a window pane; times it’s enlisting with a degree. Why, pretty girls are arrogant; studied dudes are smart alecks that will try to order about—Matheron made the mistake of confirming the prejudice. As a result, his roommates tied him to the parade’s flagpole for a night, with naught but a doctor’s cap to cover the willie. The next morning was a troop-wide exercise in keeping your face straight.

Matheron kept a lower profile from then on. After 23 more months of mud, strain and conspirational cohesion against the drill sergeant, he did belong: was a DoC – rough, tough and dirty Defender of Corellia – who did no longer don what suits his money aristocratic mom would lay out ready, or mince his words on the Grand Dame’s glamorous socials.

The first she insisted that he attended – during one precious short furlough – Matheron showed up in cheap civvies, knocked back a few drinks, dealt out jokes that let olives blush in their cocktails, and a big grin when lady mom asked him to leave: before her esteeemed guests would. Father kept a straight face; escorting his son on the way out, he looked longing; at the door adjusted his tie.

That same year, the summer of 8BBY, Matheron found Catharin. Or she found him: as things come when the hovertrain stops and Sara ‘Push-up’ Maurer introduces her comrade Math to her sister Cathy. In fact, Matheron had met her before: university of Coronet, three years ago – he swotting up for exams in political science; she just entering. He had been courteous by then, played a trump card in knowing his way around; only by now, Catharin had grown into the most intriguing woman on Corellia.

The remainder of her last year of school, Catharin’s sharp-shooting sister had to look for other DoCs to hit town with: lieutenant Thayer made a whole body decision for the gray and khaki of the Corellian Security Force (CorSec: proud and nepotist brotherhood of spoilsports that rap you on the knuckles if you start a row with one too many) so that he could spend more time with his freshly graduated wife. Successfully: midst of 6BBY, she bore them a son; named Gavin.

Now, though Matheron had held mixed feelings about the new responsibilities; despite Gavin’s frail condition that required continual care and frequent medical treatment, the following years were some of the best that Catharin and Matheron had together: their son’s life was their mission; everything – career, shockball, drinking pals… even the Empire, drafting countrymen into military service against the Rebellion – was secondary to their objective.

Only in 0ABY, as Alderaan was destroyed by the first deathstar, Matheron pricked up and became set against the Empire. 2ABY when Imperials persecuted their defecting General Crix Madine through exactly Coronet, it became obvious that Corellia’s ‘public peace’ lay in the CorSec’s sphere of control no longer: significant parts of the capital were destroyed; while his parents, wife and son did live there! With that, the matter became personal.

Moving into position

In the following weeks, Matheron had long talks with former comrades from the Corellian Defence Force; it was a considerable list he could present on establishing contact with the Rebel Alliance. 3ABY, Commander Thayer took furlough from CorSec for 'a little trip with family'. That was aunt Sara, him and a number of CDF fellows travelling to Hoth to help rebels out around a certain base. That unfortunately was razed shortly after. Sara sieved by Snowtrooper's bolts; her severe injuries deepened Matheron's sense of guilt and defeat—

Only superseded in 4ABY (after the destruction of the second Death Star and the Emperor’s death) when Gavin finally overcame the long series of illnesses: now, for the first time, the boy was able to romp and play outdoors with nary a care. At the same time, however, a large number of Imperials streamed into Corellia, giving new power to pro-Imperial factions. A large Imperial fleet was soon sent by the Imperial Ruling Council to ‘defend’ the planet; or its shipyards. Six months after, this fleet (25 ISDs) was one of the most powerful concentrations of Imperial might anywhere in the Core Worlds.

Nevertheless, in 5 ABY, when the Imperial Intelligence liaison officer with CorSec, Kirtan Loor, ordered CorSec to attack New Republican "Rebels", Commander Thayer was amongst the many who refused to oblige. Corran Horn, who called for active resistance, was targeted by Loor and fled the planet, soon followed by fellow officers like Gil Bastra, Iella and Diric Wessiri. The Diktat thereupon dissolved CorSec and replaced it with the pro-Imperial Public Safety Service (PSS).

At loss, Matheron followed the example his father had given in comparable conflicts: he kept in the background; withdrew, thought, studied... and took the opportunity to spend more quality time with Gavin: the youth meantime approached his early teens; still remained short and slight in stature. Determined to prove his worth, he signed up for wegsphere, smashball, shockball… the full range of hard, physical athletics; also began to pick fights… that usually saw him stumbling home bruised and bleeding. Matheron tried to reassure his son that the worth of a man was not measured solely in physical aspects or exploits—long hours; through which he felt guilty, wishing he himself took more determined action against Imperial oppression.

After another such tete a tete, Matheron made a call. At about the same time that Sara returned to active service, he re-enlisted at the Corellian Defense Force. A game of hazard, as the CDF, too, meantime ran under bribed or pro-Imperial command—that crossed out the ‘D’ with every order. Yet, there was a mission. In dogged work, Matheron attained the wished for position in ‘communications’ and established a special area that carried as dubious a name as ‘internal guidance’. Its paroles appeared pro-Imperial; only the linked up ones knew better; helped avoid the worst; and gather information.

As 9ABY the Thrawn Campaign ripped gaps in the NR’s structures and Matheron could rely on a net of friends and like minds to cover his back and family, he began working for the NR on other planets as well. Undercover; each travel under a carefully set up excuse. While Gavin, meantime proud owner of a tuned up Mobquet, discovered his need for speed so that, on every return home, one of Matheron’s first tasks became bribing PSSers to dismiss his son’s traffic violation citations.

11ABY. Seriously injured in an Imperial attack, Matheron was reassigned to the New Republican OPC on Coruscant. His feelings were mixed: he did not like the urban and crowded planet, nor the prospect of becoming an office worker. And while Catharin looked to her own new position as well as the center’s rich culture to come to terms with the move, Gavin reacted worse than expected…

Coruscant, 16 [ABY] News headlines

Five years after the successful recapture of Coruscant head of the New Republican OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) M. E. Thayer steps down from his office and dissociates from the Republic. His resignation was met with disbelief and stirred additional dismay owing to the holovid release publicized several days after:

“Two thirds of my life I served an idea too feeble to ensure justice and stability on a galactical level. Today but, opening my eyes to centuries during which the Republican form of government fell to recurrent crises, I realize I was indoctrinated; Mislead by men who, just like I, deemed it their duty to protect their people from what they referred to as a dangerous body of thought.

In truth is but vigorous Imperial faith, a brave and determined course of action with its willingness to make sacrifices and fitting oneself in to a higher vision, our one practicable solution.

That is why today I take the appropriate step and appeal to you: Make good use of your freedom of thought! Don’t let anybody stipulate your opinion. Dare take up a
true revolutionary stance!”
“A slap into the Republic’s face,” the freelance journalist’s comment, “formerly employed in the defence of the constitution he should be now on their hit list.”

So it came. Declared enemy of the constitution in the following emergency session of the New Republican Council on Security and Intelligence, Thayer proved untraceable. His appeal yet had wide repercussions and facing the requirements of our time an alarming number of people seemed intrigued by his stunning proposition:

The Imperial vision has become the true and necessary revolution!

Attached Images
File Type: pdf thayer_survey_v1.pdf (18.4 KB, 26 views)

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Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton
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Corran Antilles
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Default Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton

Cool bio! I like it.

Be nice or I'll forcecast the weather.
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Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton
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Han Antilles
Han "Danger" Antilles, PI
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Default Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton

Nice bio. Admiral Dodonna could use someone of your caliber here.

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Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton
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Samantha Koortyn
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Default Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton

Very nice :]
The Saminator
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Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton
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Matheron Thayer
Mother of Soldiers
I must go to the war, darling, they won’t start without me.
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Default Re: M. E. Thayer | Imperial Communicaton

I thank you all and feel honored to be approved member of Epics.
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