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TK1217 | Nash Cadman
Old 09-08-2005, 10:31 AM   #1
Nash Cadman
TK1217 | Imperial Trooper
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Default TK1217 | Nash Cadman

Name: Nash Cadman
Rank: lieutenant
Serial Number: TK1217
Species: human
Gender: male
Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 27 [11 BBY]

Height: 6' 07" (1m85)
Weight: 82 kg
Hair: brown
Eyes: grey
Marital: single
Medical: none

Police records: homicide (Quarren), served

04 - 06 [ABY] CC (Clean Coruscant) activist
06 - 08 [ABY] young offenders' institution, Cashiddy, Coruscant
08 - 11 [ABY] Carida military Academy
11 - 12 [ABY] service Imperial outpost Lok
12 - 16 [ABY] service ISD Ravisher

The bald trooper was late, but dressed his best. What in his case meant a dry black shirt over bluejeans, and really neatly shaven.

Nash had this fad. Ofttimes you'd think his beard trimmed with a ruler. Same about the handful of personal belongings you'd find at his quarters: at any time neatly stacked. And never a flaw with his Imperial equip. He was tidy. Soul-destroyingly, tediously tidy.

The more puzzling to see him in jeans. Everytime anew. Every single time. As though you'd forgotten this antic of his since last shoreleave. What could have easily been the case considering the event's rarity, so Kix mused and gave his chum the obligatory frown. That Nash encountered with a straight face... and but the hint of rebellious joy that furtively shone from his eyes pleasantly broke up his habitually serious expression.

Strange how this comparatively insignificant breach of rules seemed to liven him up; Like with their operations -- he first eased up after a few kills. Kix oft meant to address him about it. He should have rebuked him for not wearing his dress uniform as a higher ranked, he knew. But couldn't bring himself to do so as his friend. Nash was a good trooper, though quirky. And his grin was rare.

No, Kix thence thought, he wouldn't spoil him that. And some of his collegues apparently thought similarly or else the jeans hadn't made it here. Nash wasn't the type to change dress in a toilet. Kix smirked with the pic while his fellow crossed the room, looking lanky in jeans and shirt despite his meantime average build. Nash was still pretty self-conscious, after all kills. Kix could tell. His relaxedness only lasted so or so long.

Funnier the more to hear him rave about some good-looking chick when you knew he was too timid to say a word in her presence. As long as he was sober that was.

After his older brother Doyle had been killed in one of the frequent gang wars bewteen the CC and the rivaling alien gangs around the lower levels of Coruscant Nash took the law into his own hands. He seriously injured two and killed one Quarren in the following battle. Though he had, after all evidence, been guilty of murder the incident was judged manslaughter by the anti-alien biased magistrate. Nash spent two years in the Cashiddy young offenders' institution of Coruscant before he was released for good behaviour and obligation to enlist to the imperial army.

(There may be inconsistencies as Coruscant probably shifted to Rebel control during the above sketched time period. This being the case --the Rebels obviously wouldn't have obliged him enlist Imperial forces ;]. But well, obliged or not -- he'd chosen them over any possible service in alien-infected rebel fleets. If Coruscant still poses too much problems I'll chose another, at that time still Imperial governmented homeworld. Open for any suggestions. Just urban it should be, not swampland like Kix's cradle.)

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Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman
Old 09-08-2005, 11:25 AM   #2
Corran Antilles
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Default Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman

Good bio. Lucky you graduated the same year Carida was destroyed.

Be nice or I'll forcecast the weather.
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Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman
Old 09-08-2005, 11:28 AM   #3
Samantha Koortyn
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Default Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman

I like it too. :]
The Saminator
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Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman
Old 09-08-2005, 12:29 PM   #4
Han Antilles
Han "Danger" Antilles, PI
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Default Re: TK1217 | Nash Cadman

Works for me. And yeah, good thing you got out of there before Carida went bye-bye. LOL.

Welcome to the Empi-- er.. Epics.
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Old 09-08-2005, 04:11 PM   #5
Nash Cadman
TK1217 | Imperial Trooper
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Default Hooray!

Man, I'm happy! Thanks all of you and lucky me as for Carida -- so indeed I shifted dates long enough to accidentally hit the right ones ;].
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