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Airspeeder, Coruscant Air Taxi: 16000 credits (new), 8000 credits (used)
Airspeeder, Incom T-47: 12000 credits (new), 6000 credits (used)
Airspeeder, MandalMotors Combat Airspeeder: 50000 (new), 25000 (used)
Airspeeder, Rebel Alliance Combat Snowspeeder: 20000 (used, black market only)
AT-AT Walker: (not available for sale)
AT-ST Walker: (not available for sale)
Cloud Car, Storm IV: 20000 (new)
Flotation Lifter, Haileycraft MaxMode Lifter: 1000 credits
Landspeeder, Flashspeeder: 12000 credits (new), 6000 credits (used)
Landspeeder, SoroSuub XP-34: 10550 credits (new), 2500 credits (used)
Repulsorlift Disk, Aratech A 14: 300 credits
Repulsor/Para-Wing Glider: Nen-Carvon R-444 Imperial Sky Swooper: 400 credits
Skiff, Cargo: 8000 (new), 5000 (used)
Speeder Bike, Ikas-Adno Nightfalcon: 6000 credits (new), 2000 credits (used)
Ubrikkian HV6 Harvester Factory, repulsorlift fishing platform and processing plant: 2.5 million credits

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