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Star Wars Epics (also known as Epics) is primarily a play by post roleplaying site, with forums dedicated to Star Wars discussion as well as media, culture, entertainment, and current events. The site is currently setting the bar as an independently owned and operated, unofficial, not-for-profit, roleplaying-centered Star Wars website, with an entirely flame-free fan community.

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Once the very backbone of the Galactic Alliance of Free Planets, the Jedi Order has risen from its proverbial grave, shedding the chains of demise and ruin, and taking root on the world of Omphalos. However, the war against the acolytes of Darth Krayt and his One Sith Order has ravaged the galaxy, leaving its very foundation in tatters, and on the brink of economic and social collapse. Through the decadence and despair, the Jedi Order stood resolute, surviving the onslaught, and once more asserting itself as defenders of peace and justice.To avoid the pitfalls of the past, Council lead, Master Rasul Naveed moved the order to Omphalos, reestablishing a flourishing Praxeum that was grounded in the very tenets of the living force. A beacon of peace and prosperity arose, promising a new future for the Jedi. From the far corners of the galaxy, potential jedi began to arrive on Omphalos, seeking permission to be trained in the ways of the Jedi arts. Order had been restored. Or so it seemed.Politically, the answer was to remain neutral, and though the initial ballot passed, none considered the consequences of being on the outside looking in, as the galaxy came together; all except Odon Baas, the iconoclast and rebel of the Council of Twelve. The Galactic Alliance of Free Planets and the Imperial Remnant forged a new government; The Galactic Star Empire, both dynastic and representative rule. It is a new experiment in governing, but for the first time since the old Empire, the citizens of the galaxy live under one flag. Baas, ever the Gray Jedi, called for a legitimate vote of no confidence in Naveed's leadership and for an immediate revote on the issue of neutrality. Darkness, however, has not disappeared from the galaxy, instead it lies in myth and legend, restless and angry. Rumors circulate, and ancient objects once lost are now found. Whispers of the True Sith are heard once more, and rapture they will bring forth. The coming conflict will once more thrust our heroes into the very face of evil.The destiny of the Jedi lies in the hands of a brave few (your characters), who are an inspiration and moral guide to all beings of the galaxy. If they succumb to the darkside of the Force, then all is lost, and the future will once again be cast into a fiery tempest of despair and rage.


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category icon 11-05-2009, 05:28 PM
Odon Baas
If possible, could an admin delete the old link for JP? It was posted by Cadence Skywalker. Thanks so much.
category icon 11-05-2009, 05:31 PM
Corran Antilles
I'm ADMIN-Man!
Alpha male, Force Balancer
I'm not Jeff Vader!
Lord Winterbringer
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