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Miscah Margolin's Memoirs...Nah that's just too damn fancy.
Journal by: Mischa Margolin
Replies: 45
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Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue Two 11-04-2005 01:02 AM
Freakin frak!

You know, I was really starting to like Tariq there for a minute. But during that sparring match today he just had to freakin spout off that same crap Janson did.

Frell, all I wanted to do was relieve some of that post-battle tension without resorting to getting plastered for once and it seemed like a good idea to go a few rounds with Leto.

Should have known better. I just hope he doesn't act all hot and bothered like Wes did after I laid him out that time.

Although in Tariq's case, I may just take him up on the offer. What? It's been a long time, okay?

I could always blame it on PTSD.
Article Closed


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-06-2005 03:32 AM
Just heard the announcement to head to the briefing room.

Frak! We just cleared a mission dammit. And we're down two pilots. Two damn good people.

Bloody frell. How much longer til I can retire? And I am going to retire. I'm not going out like Bounder, Checks, Gonk, Crispy, (damn I miss you the most)...I could go on, but why bother. Same old story. Fly or Die.

I better find something to take the smell of Stone's booze off my breath. It should be out of my system by the time we have to be on the flightline, but Tariq'll be pissed to figure out we've been holding out on him.

Damn there goes the announcement again. Better go before he sends someone looking for my ass.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-06-2005 08:13 PM
Shavit! My frakin hand hurts. Hope this swelling goes down soon or I'm going to be useless with a stick.

Better head to medical and get some anti-inflammatory stuff. They probably have a bottle set aside with my name on it already, heh.

Damn I didn't think I hit Tariqthat hard. Hope I didn't mess up that pretty face of his too much.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-09-2005 02:10 AM
Just finished the briefiing. Back out into the black in 2 hours. Wheeeee! Not.

Some long lost fragment of the Imperial fleet has resurfaced from parts unknown and is being a pain in the Republic's ass apparently and guess who gets to go play with them.

Yep. Hopefully we'll have some advantage in that maybe whatever kind of TIE squadron they've got is outta practice after all this time. Wouldn't count on it as much of a strategy though.

Felt bad for Tariq a little having to send us out there again. Maybe I'll share a little of Stone's stash with him if we make it back in one piece.

Some days I know I'm too damn hard on the guy. Maybe it's some kind of goofy ass defense mechanism on my part to keep me from getting too close in case something happens.

Listen to me sounding all psychobabblish and stuff. Next thing you know I'll be giving up drinking and acting all sweet to everyone. Fat chance.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-10-2005 01:47 PM
All the preflight checks are done. Just thought I'd get one more entry down before we get the go signal. Got a few things to put on record, just in case something goes bad.

Stone, I'm leaving you everything I own such as it is. Thanks for always being there for me. You've been more than a friend to me JD, more like the big brother I always wanted. Take care of yourself out there, Big Man. Do me a favor and give that static holo in the bottom drawer of my desk (you know the one ) to Tariq so he has something to remember me by. Well besides a few bruises.

And tell him I always thought he's a better CO than I ever gave him credit for to his face. We may not have been the New Republic's shining stars, but dammit he kept us flying as best he could in spite of that.

The Rogues may have been the favored ones of NR Starfighter Command, but I believe that we have always had just as much heart and talent if not more. Although I can admit that CO of theirs makes one damn fine looking poster boy.

Okay enough of this. Time to get the lights on this pretty bird fired up before ByteMe starts whining and go see what's out there.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-13-2005 11:01 AM
Thoughts upon takeoff.

Spast! As if I'd frackin laugh about something like that.

As much as I tend be an annoying smart ass whose hobby seems to be irritating my CO much of the time, once I'm in this pilot's chair with this beat to poodoo helmet strapped on, I'm all frelling business.

Tariq outta know that by now.

My hand still aches, but not so much that I can't work the stick so no worries there.

Damn HUD projector lens needed a good hard smack before it would light up. How the frell was that missed in the post-flight go-over after the last battle? I'm going to have Herron look at that the second we get back in...well assuming I make it.

Leto's started the countdown. All lit up and ready to fly.

Damn I love this job. Don't tell anyone.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-17-2005 12:54 AM
Another day, another credit.

I hope we get this frakin supply depot soon. This is always the worst part of a mission for me, especially in one like this where the frelling intel was less than I'd have liked to have been available in the briefing.

But what the frak. They tell where to go and we do what we do best and try not to get our asses blasted in the process. Something we don't seem to do as often as I'd like. Seems like every crappy mission we lose at least one.

I honestly don't know how Tariq handles it. How he stays as cool as he does. Is he really as unfeeling and focused on command on the inside, or is that the hardass image he has to wrap himself in to protect himself...and us? Does he do as I do and just try as detached as possible from most of the others mentally with the exception of one, so that when they are lost it doesn't hurt as much as you tell yourself it should.

Should we get back, the two of us, I'm seriously going to have to sit him down and ask him just that. No fighting, no arguing, no silliness. Just find someplace with some good booze, sit in a nice dark corner somewhere, buy him a couple of rounds, and pick that intriguing brain of his.

Okay enough of this line of thinking for now...get frosty, woman. There's Goddess only knows what waiting for us on the backside of this jump and you know you're going to be ready for them.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
11-26-2005 04:07 AM
Quick thoughts between slagging some pirate scum[

Well this is fun. Where the hell did these abominations come from. There outta be a law against building something so damn...well...ugly.

Twisted minds I tell you.

Damn I can't wait to mop this operation up and get some frakkin downtime in for a change. Goddess knows we've earned it. Maybe some nice beachfront resort somewhere. Sand, sea, drinks with little umbrella things stuck in them (screw that give me Whyren's straight up any day), Leto in swim trunks...damn where'd that come from?

Mind back on the fight and your wingman, woman!

What the frell did they make that thing out of? It offends me, so it must go boom!


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
12-02-2005 02:37 AM
Well. This has gotten...interesting all of a sudden.

Things to do if I make it back and not in any particular order

- Make Stone wear that frakkin anti-snoring thing...sick of hearing that ruckus from clear across the room.

- Go look up my mother's people back on Corellia. I'm sure they have to wonder what happened to her when she ran away. Or maybe they don't. Maybe they could tell me why she was such a miserable person and terrible parent.

- Try to find out who my father is. Ah who the frak cares, he was an Imp.

- Visit Bentler's grave. I haven't been there in years. Just to let him know that Mi-mi's still flying. Frell he's the man I consider my father anyway.

- Walk up to Leto Tariq and give him one right in the kisser...whether it'll be a punch or something more...pleasant depends on how much either of us has had to drink and what mood I'm in.

- Get this frakkin HUD fixed once and for all...dammit! *thwack*

- Be nicer to everyone, especially Dock *snort* ...sorry...I'm trying to keep a straight face and losing.

- Get a massage

Okay mind set back on kill now.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
12-04-2005 04:44 PM
Yeah, brilliant frakking plan Margolin. You idiot.

Took out the damn VicStar, but we lost three more pilots in the process.

Frak, I'm going to need some major drinking after this...damn. Damn!

Poor Leto, this is going to frakkin kill him inside.

I'm sorry.


Time for some thrilling heroics! Rogue TwoMischa Margolin
12-10-2005 01:29 AM
Why did I do that? Why? Shavit.

The closest I've actually come to saying anything to him about how I honestly feel after all these years and I can't even finish the damn sentence. Can't even say a few simple words.

Frak it! He probably wasn't even listening anyway. And if he was, he's probably pissed at me as usual. At least this time he has a damn good, unarguable reason to be.

I don't even know if I can face him once we get back to the carrier, or if I even want to.

I don't know if I can do this anymore. I'm no quitter damn it, never have been, but right now I feel like I could just walk away and not look back.

I bet that'll get some damn reaction out of Tariq.


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