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Journal Details
Moff Aath's Private Journal
My little memoirs and feelings. Classified. As if you read these I will kill you.
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"Little Willy"
Ninja Potato
Oh, all right! Put some peas in.
08-19-2007 03:08 PM
Dark. I'm feeling terrible as of right now. I sent in a good man in to a position I have no idea about. For all I know, this 'Traven Dunn' is nothing more than a spy from NRI, to get me. I would not be surprised, they tried to kill Maarco on Mygeeto and they want to finish the job. I would not be here if it wasn't my stupidity to wanting to not stick around on Moneyland. Janus can handle our effects over there, and my unseen eye can handle the rest of our operations. But still, I am worried for his safety. He is the one who will carry on our little sect. I am tired of this war with the Empire and the rest of the Galaxy, but I know we can win it. As long as we maniuplate our allies and our enemies we can arise victorious. I got to restore the Empire to a glory that it has never seen, so it can prosper greatly. If anything, I must win it for her. She died against the Empire but against the New Republic. I'm going to get in some new clothes. My shirt's getting wet with tears thinking about her.
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"Little Willy"
Ninja Potato
Oh, all right! Put some peas in.
Moff Willem von Aath
12-25-2007 08:08 PM
Typical of Imperials. I got treated to a five star hotel and I stay for a simple, very simple, meeting. How come we couldn't just talk DIHV to Dodonna and I go straight there, I have no frakking idea. Doesn't matter, though, because I'm heading straight for Bakura. Shadow (or whatever the frak he wants to be called for the mission) just relayed to me that Octavius and the fleet already got a step on me. Maarco told me that it will take at least about one, maybe two days to reach Bakura at our present speed.

I only hope that we put enough pressure on the New Republic for them to stop what they're doing. All they did is remove stability and created chaos, hoping it will continue to run. I need to find some sort of other avenue besides Dodonna.

And, if I am right, I hope that my first impression of the man is not to what I will be expecting from a renegade Admiral.


"Little Willy"
Ninja Potato
Oh, all right! Put some peas in.
Moff Willem von Aath
01-30-2008 11:47 AM
I'm finally there.

I'm finally here, on Bakura, ready to begin my destiny. I'm ready to take my revenge on the New Republic. I'm ready for a lot of things.

But is my mind ready?

Already I speak of revenge and other such emotion. Does that mean I am definitely not prepared? Does it mean I am getting ahead of myself? Or am I sticking myself too deep?

Should I disgres from Dodonna, and break off like he did?

No, that would be silly.

I think I'm going to get some sleep before I head out for the briefing. I need time to get into my uniform.


"Little Willy"
Ninja Potato
Oh, all right! Put some peas in.
Moff Willem von Aath
06-25-2009 07:47 PM
My daughter's coming here!

Can you believe that? My own kin is coming here on her free will with her company, and I can spend time with her!

Out of my children, I'm the closest with her. I remember first meeting her with her mother at her apartment, and she was a little spunky teenager back then too. Very independent, but she loved her mother, and I loved her mother too. I fought hard with myself to keep up with her sarcastic attitude and general asshole nature. She didn't like me at first, but I ebbed at her. When Riika wasn't on planet I made sure to check up on her.

I guess she respected that; she came over to me after awhile. Frell, she even took my last name with her own mother's maiden name. Gods, I love her. Most respectful woman I've ever met.

It's my son I'm worried about.

He's becoming more and more distant since he's joined the Nightstalkers. Like he thinks he got the position because of me. I fought hard to get him into a normal TIE squadron and not one like the Nightstalkers because I want to see him when I retire, not to go visit him in a gravesite on a beautiful planet. A deep-strike TIE Defender squadron is one way to get yourself killed, since you have no backup. Well, he wouldn't have none of it, and he fought his way in even with opposition from me, and he acts like I kept him from it.

I'll never understand him. But he made some good friends, that's all I know. But he blames me for that too, apparently taking his friend Bellarius or whatever to Dodonna's ship...

Speaking of Dodonna, I probably should meet with him and discuss overall battle strategy. The last thing we both need is two different commanders running two different theaters of war in the same commanding area with different troops. I've dealt with that in space, and there's a lot of room up there compared to a planet. I think we both have similar objects but a lot different ones.

I'm considering deploying General Hadric's troopers into the city, but the last thing we need is troopers running willy-nilly in the area and scaring the populace. If we scare them or cause them to fear us, the entire operation here, the one Dodonna started, could fall. Practice shows the Tarkin Doctrine is a thing of evil, borne of evil and used by evil. Civilians react inversely to evil acts, as Muunilinst and Coruscant a second time around have shown.

But, yeah, Elina. I can't wait to see her!


"Little Willy"
Ninja Potato
Oh, all right! Put some peas in.
Moff Willem von Aath
03-01-2013 01:21 AM
Brown hair.

Green eyes.

Vanilla perfume.

Force damn perfect in every which way.

Why the hell are you bothering me now? Can't you see I'm trying to do my job here? First you die on me, leaving me two kids and a crumbling Empire to save, then you haunt me every year during this month. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Focus, Willem.

Drake's getting closer to Traven. I think she's trying the subtle approach. With Betruger gone, what am I gonna do?

I can't have Sandbat Squadron suddenly have to change commanders after a successful sortie, nor can I have it in the hands of the Butcher. He has to stay, at least until the battle's done, win or lose.

Putting down the stylus. Have to concentrate, focus. Hardest battle I have fought yet soon. Hope I can do it. Know I can do it.

Hope. Focus!


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