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Notes on an Aria
Ask an ISB Colonel may get an answer. You may even get the truth.
Journal by: Aria Drake
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ISB Agent "Pandora" AKA Harley Quinn 05-09-2016 01:08 PM
Someone asked about my reputation and how I got's my answer.
At first, I used to cry about it. I'm not that kind of girl and it really bothered me that my superiors would think that of me. Especially being in the academy. I think any woman in the military would be upset. Actually any woman, no matter what situation she's in, would hate that someone would say that about her. I made sure I was the model soldier. My uniform was spotless, my bunk was impeccable. I made sure no one could find anything wrong. I followed orders to the letter. I was perfect.
Gradually, I stopped crying about it but I did wonder who would say that about me. I didn't realize that the rumor would come from someone I thought I loved. I grew up with Raith Ellis, he was two years older than me. He taught me how to box and how to defend myself when he found out I was serious about the academy. Getting death threats because my uncle betrayed us didn't help matters any either. Raith told me he'd make sure I was taken care of. I guess he thought he was helping by calling me a whore? Unfortunately for me, that stuck. I have to deal with it every time I walk out of my quarters.
Shortly after the academy I was lucky (or rather unlucky) enough to serve on the same Star Cruiser as Raith. It was my first mission/assignment for the Empire and I really wanted to do a good job. I wasn't experienced enough to actually conduct interrogations but I helped set the room and such. Raith was actually angry that I was there. He wasn't happy to see me....he was hoping the rumor he started about me would discourage me from continuing with the military. I didn't know he spread it until we had a fight. I actually fooled myself into thinking we were a couple and that we had a relationship. Stupid girl.
Of course, I was angry. Very angry. And grateful that we were no longer serving together because I decided to give them what they wanted. They called me a whore and believed it, so that's what they got. It helped with interrogations as well. A little pleasure mixed with pain. You'd be surprised what men will tell you if they think they're getting pleasure. And I had a few Generals and Admirals notice. I'm not proud of myself but I had an affair or two.
Then Endor happened. And Raith was gone. It hurt as much as I didn't want it to, it hurt a lot. I really did love him, gave him my heart and I was convinced it died with him. I convinced myself I was dead inside because after all he did to me, I still loved him. How messed up was that?
It struck me though, how easy it was to just let them think of me as a whore. So, I figured I could beat them at their own game. Why change their minds? I may as well go along with them. Now I had the added benefit of being angry and full of hate for the Alliance. And it showed.
I do nothing about what they say about me. I'm a Colonel and in the ISB so it doesn't matter what they say. How I got where I am shouldn't matter to them. But it does and I don't care, I know the truth. I'm good at what I do. I've got an excellent service record, not a mark against me. I suppose those two affairs I had in the past were helpful. I only call in a favor when I absolutely need one. And they'll do what I want to avoid a scandal. They know they should never upset an ISB agent.
I've kept myself away from a relationship because of Raith and he rumor he started. He made sure that he damaged my reputation enough that respectable men would stay away from me. And he made sure that enough of those in power would continue to use me. I'm the Empire's whore and as long as they believe that about me, I suppose I'm safe. They won't get rid of me until I'm no longer useful so I'm happy to let them do as they want.
All of those men who claim they've slept with me are really lying. I get them to a certain point and I drug them. Or they're so drunk they don't know the difference. Very rarely do I even let them kiss me, they would know my disgust. I lead them to believe they've slept with me...the power of suggestion. What others believe, well that's on them.
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