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How long have you been involved with Epics?
Since August 2005. I discovered Tales just before the move to Epics, but didn't have time to join a character before the new site opened.

How many characters do you write on Epics?

Which characters do you write?
Jelt and Tekelen Lirin

Can you explain briefly how he/she/they came into being?
Jelt began as a character about four years ago when I first started reading the expanded universe. She was the main character in a fan fiction I started, but never finished, about a people from another galaxy. Her real name was Sakat Sennil and she was a spy, gathering information. Her cover was an assassin called Jelt. When I started creating a character for Epics I took Jelt/Sakat and modified her to become the character she is now.

Teke was created simply because I was bored. Teke Lay was the name of a pilot in my fan fiction, so I took part of the name and the piloting skills from there. She was heavily inspired by Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne.

What avatars represent your characters? Why did you pick them?
Jelt is represented by a silhouette because of her appearance. It's next to impossible to find a picture on the internet of a woman in a metal face-and-skull-covering mask. She also has the qualities of a shadow at times, in that she is hard to find, and stealthy.

As for Teke, I saw The Island with Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor and decided that Johansson in that role looked like how I imagined Teke.

Do you have a favorite post you've written, or favorite story you have been involved in?
I have very much enjoyed writing my Times posts for Into the Past, since they have really allowed me to look closer into Jelt's mind and emotions. When I first joined her, her physical past was mostly thought out, but I hadn't developed her personality very well. These threads have given me a chance to do that. I also enjoy writing with the Rogues, since I get to play two characters at once, after a fashion. Packing Jelt and Tyanni Ventyra into the same body can be a challenge sometimes, but I enjoy it.

I've also really enjoyed writing some of Teke's blind posts. They have really helped me develop my descriptive skills. Her vision episodes are interesting as well.

Did you develop your character’s back stories or did you add it in after the character was established?
Jelt's history was developed, but I had to take it and change it for Epics. Since I joined her I have been doing several Into the Past threads to help add details to the skeleton on the biography.

Teke is an amnesiac, so I left her back story blank. I did go back seven days to when she first remembers, but beyond that she can't remember anything, so readers will only know what she is able to discover through Galaxy storylines.

What other parts of Epics do you enjoy?
I love the Writer's Workshop and the Gallery. If I'm ever feeling down I can go to Teh Funny... I've also made some very good friends on Epics. Names on a computer screen are not what make up the population of Epics, but rather very real people who are encouraging and helpful.

Are the people in your life (spouse, significant other, family) supportive of your time on Epics?
I like to tell people I'm dating my laptop, since that's where I seem to spend the most time. As for my parents, they sadly do not approve of all the time I devote to Epics...they see Star Wars as a waste of time. Since I've moved to college it's been better though.

Do you roleplay anywhere else?
I am one of three admins on a small fantasy roleplaying site that has been around for about four years now. It's not nearly as structured as Epics is, so I tend to have a reputation as the most nit-picky admin. Incidentally one of the characters I play there is an assassin, named Jelt.

And now, for the off duty questions...
Real name and age? Please enclose a picture of yourself if you are so inclined.
Sarah Faith is my first name, and I am eighteen years old.

Where do you live?
Tennessee, USA

What is your occupation?
Currently I am a student, studying hard when not on Epics.

What is your favorite type of music/band?
Switchfoot is my favorite, as well as other alternative rock. I grew up listening to christian music, so I usually listen to christian rock or pop.

What kinds of hobbies do you have?
I love writing, of course, and reading. Art and photography are also ways I love to spend my freed time. I do anything from graphite sketching to acrylic.

What is your favorite way to relax?
There's a certain spot on campus that I like to go whenever I'm stressed. I can lie in the grass and just stare at the sky and think about nothing. Sometimes I'll bring my iPod and listen to music. I also like to read to wind down.

Is there anything special you do when you write?
I need complete silence. I also tend to write a post all at once, even if it takes several hours. If I break it up I start having trouble with the flow.

Did you always love writing, and do you write anything else?
I've been writing since middle school. I started blogging in July 2005 and that's when I really started taking my poetry seriously and writing more of it. I hope someday to publish a book of poetry, as well as several novels that I'm working on right now.

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