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Jelt A Cyborg's Mind
Or not. I'm not really a cyborg. Everyone just thinks that. But then who really cares what I am anyway? Only one person I know of, and he knows what I really am. So, well, what are you doing here anyway? Get out my mind! I microchips and ci
Journal by: Jelt
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Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
11-10-2005 06:34 PM
I have officially decided that I do not like Dathomir. The humidity is almost unbearable. And it's boring. Very boring.

I am now stranded here until I can fix the Graystar's navcomputer. Stupid freighter screwed her up really bad. Now the freighter's a scrap heap and I'm stuck here in the forest with a freighter pilot, his sidekick, a stowaway and her pet, a jedi, and a witch and her pet. Sometimes I wonder how I get into these situations.

Now I'm bedded down in my ship, near the hatch, watching them with the handy night vision on my eye "replacement." They don't seem to be a bad lot, and I could easily handle all of them at once. And no, I'm not boasting. I'm stating a fact. No, I'm not cocky. I know this from experience.

Let's start from the top. I could get along really well with the witch. We'll leave it at that. The pilot's girl isn't that bad either. I've somehow got a picture of the stowaway being annoying. I haven't seen much of the pilot and the jedi was too tired for me to get anything out of him.

So this is my life at the moment. Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.

P.S. Did I mention they screwed up the Graystar? Poor, poor ship...
Article Closed


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
12-16-2005 06:05 PM
Morning on Dathomir. Hot. Humid. Buggy. Too bad I can't fool the bugs into thinking I'm made entirely of metal.

I woke up when it was still completely dark, but was able to use the infrared on my eyepiece to watch the male Force-sensitive make his escape. Personally I don't blame him. The witch woke up next. I could get used to her. Hope that pilot's sidekick is on top of her game, because witchy was making eyes at the pilot. This could be fun to watch.

So anyway, I get up, fix up a survival pack for myself, put the Graystar on standby, and basically get ready to leave. I only hope they've resolved their differences enough by that time to take a step together.

How do I get myself into these situations?


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
01-09-2006 06:34 PM
These people (excepting the witch) can't walk worth an hour's rest. We had to stop at least twice to let them catch their breath. Wimps.

The bugs aren't bothering me as much any more, thank the stars.

And the big news is, I've decided to spring the idea on the witch. Maybe she'll go for it, maybe she won't. If she does, it means big rewards for me, including favor of the Sith and maybe more jobs from them. That's always fun.

Looks like we're stopping again, this time for the night I expect. Good. Maybe it'll give these people enough rest to keep them going ALL DAY tomorrow. I wish...


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
01-05-2007 10:43 PM
Well I didn't post for a while because things sped up once we reached the village. They know I've got the Force, but it was the only way to get the witch to come with me. Oh, and her rancor died. That could have had something to do with it. No, I didn't arrange it. I hate rancors.

At any rate, we left the pilot and his sidekick repairing his ship and took off for Vjun. I had my doubts about this, but I don't let anyone--not even a technologically blind witch--see the freighter. I was sure the Graystar would last until Vjun and it did. Trusty thing. At least for now. I had to do a jury rig on the nav'puter, but I didn't let the Force down until we were almost there. I still don't trust it. Shields are back up, I think. Weapons are operating and all other systems are go, but I still want to head back to base and give the thing an overhaul. It's way overdue.

So of course I'm sitting here on Vjun now. Received a hospitable welcome as always. The witch lost her cool when I implied payment, but Sythis showed her what submission really is. I almost pity her now; yet another slave in the Sith social stratus, bound to do whatever it is the master wants, just the urge to gain his power is overwhelming. They don't realize they're destroying themselves in the process. Shame.

Of course, that's why I stay out of it.

BUT, it looks like I won't head back to base soon enough. Sythis says he's got another assignment for me. Those are usually difficult, but I love a challenge. Maybe he wants that traitor Sith I hear them talking about. Or it could be something completely random. Either way, it won't be easy to refuse him. I'll probably just swing by the freighter and pick up the supplies I need before continuing whatever mission it is. After I've removed all of their homing beacons of course. Last time there were three on the hull and two inside. Jerks. I wouldn't work for them if the pay wasn't so good.

Well I'm going to let the servers rest for a while. I'll write again once I've had my hands in that library. Juicy bits and pieces lets hope! At least they trust me enough to let me sleep in my ship. Can't stand all that dark stone. Shutting down...


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
01-17-2007 01:28 PM
In hyperspace again; this time the destination is Coruscant. I hate hunting Force-sensitives, but it pays good, and it's hard to refuse the Sith. And this one's not capture or kill, just spy and sabotage. That's more fun anyway. I'm still mad about having to put off reparations on the Graystar, but I'll get them done eventually. Everything's working fine at the moment, even the ion cannon. That's good, since I may need to immobilize a certain starfighter.

But even while I was packing, a thought entered my mind. If Rogue Squadron is ever in need of pilots, perhaps I could join, outside disguise of course. It would be much easier to sabotage from there too, as well as the possibilities of causing dissension. It was a good thought. But I couldn't act on it until I reached Coruscant.

Two more days. I can wait.


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
03-12-2007 11:48 AM
Arrived at Coruscant. Nethiiel had a penthouse all set up, on floor 498 of the Bela Vistal Tower. I didn't tell him my mission, of course, just that it would be preferable to be as close to Antilles as possible. Everything seems to be going well.

The Ventyra Sky is a dream. Beautiful yatch, fast, agile, blah, blah, blah... Still no match for the Graystar, of course, but if I ever need it, Nethiiel can contact another of the People to snatch it off Teyr. No weapons to speak of, but good shields. Very good shields. Ventyra original, as Tyruis Ventyra would say. I am getting so very tired of that name. From what I gather, the family doesn't mind flaunting themselves.

Tyanni was one of the more tolerable ones, from what I can tell, both from reading her diary and observing her just before her death. Shame about that, but it had to be done. From all appearances she is fairly shy around those she is not familiar with, but (like all the Ventyras) she does have somewhat of a superiority complex. She just doesn't flaunt it like some others do. There will be a sort of smugness, however, along with a thirst to discover more about people outside her social circle that will counter it. A very interesting mind I destroyed, but then I'll carry it on, at least for a little while.

A good pilot as well, and that's handy. I won't have to cut back as much as I thought I would, though more than I may have liked. Still, she could have held her own, and so will I.

For now I've got a meeting with "Captain" Antilles. Can't say I expect a warm welcome, being somewhat of an interloper even as Tyanni. But such is the situation.

P.S. The recorders are all securely spliced into Antilles' security fields, so I'll have voice prints soon. Will be useful for making false recordings and records. That'll be worked off somehow. For now, I'm off.


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
04-16-2007 11:51 AM
Diary of Tyanni Ventyra

Entry 78

Aboard the Vindicator

The welcome by my grandfather was warm, but I am afraid it did nothing to prepare me for the welcome I received at the NRI Naval Headquarters, or aboard this ship. Certainly they are kind, but there is a distance between me and them that my parents would say is a result of differing social classes and upbringing. So often I find myself wondering if we do not distance what might have been good friends using that excuse. Certainly the society I enjoyed on Teyr was spectacular, but here I am lonely.

My father tells me to not show weakness, however, so I will not. I will hold my head high and let them know that if I'm not good enough for them, then they are not good enough for me. So they didn't choose me, the government did, but shouldn't their opinion be based on my ability to fly and my loyalty to the New Republic? Or are they already too set in their opinions? I would not be surprised.

Captain Antilles does not appear overly judgmental, but I could tell from my first meeting with him that he was a little...disappointed. I think it was likely that he was expecting a spoiled brat but was hoping for something else, but then he believes he got the brat all the same. I will show him. I will show them all. Not by attempting heroism, or anything of the sort that might get me killed (other than flying into battle, of course) but by following orders and doing as I'm told, when I'm told. I will show then that a "spoiled brat" can work with others. The fact that I am an heiress should have nothing to do with my piloting. I doubt they will see it that way, however.

I have been assigned quarters with Lieutenant Cyan Madine. I saw her at the briefing and caught glimpses and a few nods some other times, but so far I have not met her. Who knows how she will react. It will not matter, I will prove that I can share quarters, no matter how small and cramped they might be. The size really is ridiculous though, it's smaller than my gown closet back at the estate on Teyr. Speaking of gowns, I do not foresee any social events of any kind in the near future, unless they consist of card playing. Grandfather plays cards sometimes, but mother forbade me from that entertainment with the statement that money often flowed too easily into other's hands. This is the truth, and Ventyra money is not meant for the paws of idle gamblers.

Thankfully I will not be required to maintain my own ship. Rather the contrary, the chief engineer is most protective of what she perceives to be her territory. I heard stories concerning the fate of others who ventured into the hangar carrying a hydrospanner. No fear, I will not be found there unless the time has come for battle. I did, of course, maintain my own speeder back on Teyr, just to keep in practice, but I never enjoyed it. Too much grit and oily substances.

That is enough for now, however. This mess hall is quite noisy and I would hate to see it crowded. No matter how cramped my quarters are, I am convinced that they are preferable to this place. I will write more soon.

------Here follows Jelt's true thoughts concerning the events described above------

P1: Selfish people. But they are close. I believe the attitude coming from them is simply a result of my being a new face that they are not accustomed to yet. Once they have gotten to know me, they will welcome me more.

P2: Their opinions do not matter at this moment, only their belief.

P3: "Captain" Antilles does seem to be a good leader. It will be difficult to turn people away from him so that he earns their mistrust. A challenge I embrace with pleasure.

P4: The pilot's quarters are actually fairly roomy compared to some of the crew's quarters, as well as other places I've stayed. Social events are useless, except for the spying that can be done through them. Gambling is idiotic.

P5: Blast the engineer. She will only make it that much more difficult to do any sabotage on the X-wings. I'll have to focus on Koortyn's freighter first. Even that though...both she and the engineer care for their ships like they are their own children. That is understandable, I do the same for the Graystar, but oh, it irks me now. I shall find a way.

P6: The mess hall is noisy, but I just heard something that requires my attention. This journal can wait until later.


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
06-18-2007 09:50 AM
Diary of Tyanni Ventyra

Entry 79

Aboard the Vindicator

I was humilated today. The pilots seem to not care one wit about acceptance and friendliness, at least not those I met. The simulator run went terribly. I admit I have been out of practice, but still, I should have done better than that. Unfortunately my experience has been more with yatchs and in-atmostphere craft than with starfighters. And the very fact that someone is shooting at me...well that startled me at first, but I think I got better towards the end. I do think I should have Lt. Madine show me some new maneuvers, though. She seemed nice enough when I met her. Very understanding and all.

I cannot say the same for Mela Roch. She seemed to dislike me from the moment she saw me, and that did not incline me to react differently to her. The first few rounds in the simulator were torture. I do not think Lt. Madine would have instructed me the way she had. Another pilot showed up shortly, however. Agron Wyeth is apparently new, just as I am, and his experience turns more toward TIE Fighters. Still, he gave me some excellent pointers that Roch did not.

I am still incredibly lonely on this ship. Hopefully something will happen to release the tension soon. I can only hope I am ready when we reach our destination.

------Here follows Jelt's true thoughts concerning the events described above------

I approve of Madine. A little soft, but a good person. I'll enjoy flying on her wing for however short a time it is. Roch is simply an antagonist. If I wasn't self-controlled enough to focus on Antilles, I might be tempted to do something about her. Thank Fett for his training. Wyeth is fine, but I think a little more of him and I would get annoyed.

As for the sim, it was a struggle. I had to go against every one of my instincts. If I had been acting to my full ability, Wyeth would have been space dust within the first five seconds. Restraint in this area really is torture. I'm afraid that in my quest to hold myself back, I may have portrayed a Tyanni of less competence than I intended. This shall have to be mended, possibly through more "training" sessions.


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
08-11-2007 12:04 AM
Diary of Tyanni Ventyra

Entry 80

Aboard the Vindicator

The stress is starting to affect me. It would be easier, perhaps, if someone had taken the time to befriend me. The squadron seems strangely closed somehow, almost as if they are divided into cliques just like the social circles at home. Many of them are completely indisposed to trust, even those they fly with. As for myself, I know none of them will shoot me down, but will they stick on my wing when the fire grows thick and the battle ill? I do not know.

Captain Antilles will not be with us. He is participating in the ground mission; some bad blood between him and our main targets, I gather. I wish he were not, for he is one who seems to care about all of his pilots. If he has not spoken to me much I believe it is not a deliberate slight but rather the stress and weight of all that has happened to him lately. He only recently returned from some sort of imprisonment or undercover work. I'm not sure which. Rumors often carry some grain of truth, but I am not an expert on digging out such details. All this comes down to is that I wish he were leading us into battle from space, rather than from such a distance. He is our Captain, after all.

I have not spoken at length with Han Antilles, Raynes, Verd, Thayer, Stravin, Arete, or that Gungan, whatever his name is. A sad total, especially since Verd and the Gungan are in my flightgroup. I have already expressed my opinion of Roch, Wyeth, and Madine. They are really the only three I have conversed with at length.

As for the cliques, the two Antilles seem to spend time together, sometimes associating with Arete or Stravin. I have noticed that Verd and the Gungan (could his name be "fish"? I thought I heard that somewhere) are often to be found together, and recently Thayer and Raynes have been speaking with them. I have also noticed Thayer with Roch.

From any angle, however, the squadron is clearly fragmented. Perhaps I have never been in a military starfighter squadron before, but this situation is clearly not good for battle. I can only hope we will survive.

I have been preparing myself for the battle as best as I can, writing letters to be sent home if the worst should happen, that sort of thing. Unfortunately we have to wear these hideous orange flightsuits, but as only the cockpit of my X-wing will be able to see me, I suppose I shall be able to bear it. Hopefully the maintenance people will have my fighter in top working condition.

Eight hours until battle.

------Here follows Jelt's true thoughts concerning the events described above------

My presence was hardly needed here in the first place. The squadron is so split as to be coming apart under the slightest test. The varying assignments, such as Antilles' mission to the planet, will severe their ties further still.

I have done what Sythis asked me to. His runaway is coming to see him, and he knows the time and place. Catching him once he's on Vjun will be his own problem. From there, my path shall take one of two directions.

First, if Sythis does indeed capture Antilles and/or kills him, my job will be done. I shall arrange to be shot down, Tyanni Ventyra will die, and I will reudevouz with the Graystar in orbit above Vjun, don my mask, and receive my payment from Sythis.

Second, if Antilles manages to escape, Tyanni Ventyra will survive the battle and I shall remain Sythis' agent inside Rogue squadron for a little while. How long, circumstances would dictate.

This would be so much easier if Sythis had just given me an assassination order.

I haven't heard anything about sabotage on Koortyn's ship or the X-wings. Hopefully that nitpicky engineer will discover the damage soon. I am NOT flying out of that hangar with a ship that is anything less than perfect.

Only eight more hours to go. If Sythis has anything more to say to me, he has my private encrypt and will transmitted broadbanded messages once we arrive. Hopefully he'll be smart enough to write them as if they were for Antilles. Ah the follies of limited communication. I need some caf.


Panther, Han Hunter
aka Tyanni Ventyra
wheeeee, I have poetical pants
08-04-2008 02:50 PM
Diary of Tyanni Ventyra

Entry 81

Aboard the Vindicator

I am shaken.

I thought I had prepared myself for battle, and perhaps I did do all I could, but now I know that nothing could ever have prepared me for such horror. It was not bloody, in fact it was almost strangely detatched, but the horror was not lessened by those facts. i cannot count how many death screams I heard over the comm... It is torture to think of it. I shall push it from my mind.

If I ever asked my father how the Ventyra empire was built, he told me it was partially with sweat, tears, and determination, but it was also with something he referred to as the Ventyra spirit. It was an intangible quality, he told me, something deep within us that refused to break, refused to be shaken from its ancient foundations. It was what made us strong, he said. I often wondered at this, for I knew that strength most often required adversity to show, and I had never had the occasion to witness adversity, much less be subject to it. But here and now I think I finally understand what he meant.

I have been shaken, yes, but I am not broken. I am still strong enough to hold my head high and know that I can take more. I know that when my leaders demand it, I will be able to climb back into that cockpit stronger than I leave it now. The battle changed me, yes. It caused my strength to rise to the surface. It gave me a different handle on life. It changed my way of seeing. But it also had far-reaching consequences for other lives as well, and if a tear runs down my cheek now it is for them.

I am not sure of how many casualties Rogue squadron sustained. I know that Wyeth is gone. I do not know where Raynes or Roch are; I have seen neither of them. I know that both Antilles, Madine, Thayer, and the fish guy all survived. I have not heard word of Verd, it is possible he came in on the Thera with Captain Antilles. I think both Stravin and Arete were shot down, but that has yet to be confirmed. I'm fairly sure of Stravin, though, as his death is what seemed to trigger Lt. Madine's final breakdown.

I was required to be at her court martial as soon as I was cleaned up. It seemed as if it was hurried, I don't know why. But I told the truth as best I knew it. They pronounced her sentence, but I don't know if she will continue to even share a cabin with me. I also do not know who will be my wingman in the weeks to come. I do hope that at least I able to talk to her about what happened sometime. It may be but a feeble attempt to understand, but I can at least do that much. Perhaps I should speak to Captain Antilles as well. After all Lt. Madine was the only person to make any effort to befriend me and make me feel welcome upon my arrival. I truly believe that the incident was an isolated event. But who will listen to me? I am only a newcomer still.

Hopefully more will be made clear whenever we debrief. For now, I shall retire and get as much rest as possible. Stars, I hope we reach Coruscant soon. My apartment is sounding more and more welcome with every moment.

-----Here follows Jelt's true thoughts at this time-----

Sythis failed. Antilles is still alive and free. Which, of course, means he's my problem once again.

This charade is starting to wear on me. Tyanni is becoming more and more real with every hour.

I need to send a message to Sythis soon, but not until after the debriefing. The moment we hit Coruscant, however, I'll need to get that done. Hopefully he'll have more instructions. Maybe he'll just tell me to get out of there and come get my payment. Hah. That would be nice. But probably won't happen.

In that case, I'll need a contingency plan. Fortunately, Madine has opened up an excellent door with her antics. I'll be able to use her next. Possibly with Stravin, if he isn't dead. Tyanni may have forgotten about Midanyl, but I haven't. Roch either. They don't fit into my plans at this moment, but I'm watching them. If either slips up even a little...well, it will be my pleasure to make sure they're part of the fun.

For now, we--I mean I--wait until the debriefing.


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