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Journal Details
Yalin Hawk, Mission Log....Oh hells, I dont even remember anymore...
Journal by: Yalin Hawk
Replies: 2
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Crazy Corellian Nutcase 03-27-2008 10:07 PM
Well...where to start? The wife told me to make a log, ya know? She said some day this all would be famous, we'd all be legends and heroes and the like. I laughed, and she insisted, and ya know...she really has that way with me when she insists on things. It goes from, "Oh common hunny, I really dont want to write down everything in my life" to "Oh? Alright then..." I swear. Sometimes I think she's some force-crazy jedi pulling mind tricks out of her pocket.

Anyway. What happened today?

Oh yeah, so eventful. If you all must know, it was a totally normal day. Woke up at 0500 hours, like on every other day. Took a run around cargo bay 2 at 0645, like every other day. Took a shower at 0730, reported to the bridge at every other day. Cargo freighter ZU-2148 arrived for supply transfer at 1015 hours on time, no incidents. Cargo and supply transfer was finished at 1300 hours, a little ahead of schedule.

Really, I have a feeling this journal idea is going to be really boring for the readers...but oh well.

Lets see...oh, here's something, at about 1500 hours we got a distress call from some Corporate Sector freighter, about a lightyear away from where we were observing the collapse of a red giant. We immediately moved to assist, and got there before her shields dropped. The pirates, about half a squad of hyperdrive equipped Z-95's bugged out as soon as we decanted to realspace. Wasn't even worth scrambling Shrike Squad.

Like I said, nothing entertaining.

The freighter gave us their thanks and were on their way, and we made it back to our little spot in time to record the giant's collapse. It was actually quite a sight. We stayed on-station to observe the effects and record any data we could, per Serenity's request. At 1800 hours I retired from the bridge, and second-shift took over...

Just like every other day...
Article Closed


Crazy Corellian NutcaseYalin Hawk
03-28-2008 01:52 PM
Hey, I think I might have something interesting to spice up life with. Today I actually woke up at 0450 instead of at 0500, apparently someone read this and decided to twist things up a bit for me, I cant say I blame them.

Today was the same as yesterday. Same stuff, just ten minutes earlier across the board.

Shrike Squadron went out with Commander Nosh to do some practice attacks on us. Needless to say, against our Serenity-guided PD fire, Shrike Squadron did pretty well. Of course, even without the PD fire, the concentrated firepower from those little snubfighters wouldnt breach the shields.

The motion-sensors for the doorways on deck E are on the fritz again, gotta love it. The doors dont open when you try and walk through them, but the second you give up trying and turn around to walk away, they woosh right open. Gotta get Serenity onto that.


Crazy Corellian NutcaseYalin Hawk
03-31-2008 09:33 PM
Serenity and I played that imperial game, with the little holographic war-peices and such? I dont even remember what it was called. It was fun until she stopped trying to loose. I hate playing games with a computer, thats why I stopped playing sabaac with her, I swear she counts cards.


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